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brag obv
  SneakrFreakr, Sep 10 2008

dunno why but today i felt like bragging after a pretty bad session. results since moving to stars (2/4 6max):

life update might come sometime soon but probably won't cause i can barely find time to even wipe my ass. actually i think i'll just make some cliffnotes now:
- been to portugal (loved it)
- been to rhodes, greece (good times as well)
- had awesome time back in poland
- gotta start drinking less cause i'm really worried about the future of my liver
- coming back to the UK on 21st sep
- uni sucks and it hasn't even started yet - i wanna drop out to travel etc (but i obv won't). could take a year off but i had one already plus i'm doing a course with exchange so that's another year lost
- started playing golf and i really really love it - even tho i still suck at it badly

k thats enough i guess. gotta go to bed now cause i've got an exam tommorow for a golf green card. anyone else has to do it in other countries or is it just poland?

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fuck my life
  SneakrFreakr, Aug 22 2008

worst fuckin hangover everrrrrrrrrrr. it's just epic. i feel worse than a piece of shit. and every fkin time i take aspirin i start puking like a bulimic model. ughhhhhhh

advice anyone?

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  SneakrFreakr, May 23 2008

are so unfair. like seriously why do u have to pay such a high price just for having fun?

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